cREative Realm



Artwork by daniel j kirk

An installation inspired by the construction barriers along 17th Avenue during the 2017 construction season and the common key.

Keys hold a memory or moment in time and when you look back on them that memory is unlocked. Anything from your diary, first bike lock, apartment key, car, job, house etc. You are invited to add your used keys to contribute to the story and history as they are suspended within the artwork.

Each donated key represents a moment or recollection from the person or business that donated it. Together they tell a history.

UNLOCK hopes to explore themes such as accessibility, opportunity, employment, ownership, privilege, and gentrification by using thousands of re-appropriated keys and drawing on the symbolism of this humble everyday item.


Joanne MacDonald


Legacy Marker

Active Investments Mural by daniel j kirk

Special Thanks

Glenda, Ian & Jonathan


124 17th Ave SE

Daniel KirkUNLOCK