cREative Realm


The General Store

Artwork by daniel j kirk

The Roaming General Store on 17th Ave SW is a mobile pop-up shop.


The first of its kind to trade in all 8 forms of capital. From tacos, talismans, haircuts, or jokes, and anything and everything between. The artist duo welcomed material, spiritual, living, cultural, social, intellectual, experiential, and financial capital as currency.

Whatever we receive is up for trade if the exchange feels valuable to both parties. We created the General Store as an economic experiment to explore the needs and contributions of the 17th Ave community.

Partnering with several local shops along 17th Avenue helped to highlight the diversity of experiences and offerings that exist along the corridor. The General Store roamed from August 6th-11th, 2018.


Lane Shordee & Nikki Martens


Legacy Marker

A cabinet of curiosity by Lane Shordee & Nikki Martens

Special Thanks

Jeff, Caitlind & all those willing to trade and chat


7 - 9 St & 17 Ave SW