cREative Realm


Shelter For What Remains

Artwork by daniel j kirk

This project was designed to challenge the way we think about funerals through a creative process and open storytelling.

Eight local artists were selected based upon their range of skills and began work on different forms of traditional funerary vessels. These vessels were developed over the course of the summer road construction season of 2018.

Partnering with Leyden’s Funeral Home, the culmination of this project was a gallery exhibition hosted at the 17th Avenue funeral home. During the event, the new works were unveiled, artists were in attendance to talk about their work amidst live music and beautiful floral decor. The staff from Leyden’s offered tours of the funeral home, the embalming room and the crematorium providing a most unique experience that celebrated the crafts of life and death.

The creative process was documented and a commemorative catalogue resulted with photographs from Al Urlacher.

Curated artist team

Kate Husted -

Kristine Zingeler -

Kai Owens

Peter Freeman -

Chantal Lafond

Lane Shordee -

Nikki Martens

Joseph Brocke

Al Urlacher (photographer)


Tyla Cosgrove


Legacy Marker

by daniel j kirk

Special Thanks

Dale, Carling, Lisa, Marc, Cindy, The Oak Tree Session Players, Robbie, Wolf WIllow Studio, Grasslands Flower Co. & Small Flower Studio


304 18 Ave SW