cREative Realm


Kaleidoscope Eyes

Artwork by daniel j kirk

During the summer of 2017, the artist team realized the collaborative construction of a large-scale Kaleidoscope with the help of the Geometric Energy Corporation.

The Kaleidoscope experience was designed to alter perception by utilizing visuals, music and an immersive art making process.

The word "Kaleidoscope" is Greek in origin- a blending of the word Kalos (beautiful), Eidos (Form) and Scopos (Watcher).

This project offered a unique perspective on road construction and became a travelling feature of engagements and events throughout Calgary. On September 9, 2017 the Kaleidoscope was unveiled during a free all-ages music show at the McHugh House.


Rebecca Reid, Ryan Bourne & Randi Lee Ross


Legacy Marker

Economy Glass Mural by daniel j kirk

Stained Glass window by Rebecca Reid & daniel j kirk

Special Thanks

The Beltline Neighbourhood Association, Peter, Suncatchers-Design Studio, & Jamal


McHugh House - 1515 Centre St S