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Artwork by daniel j kirk

An experiment in public furniture making involving live woodturning and the use of a bicycle-powered lathe.

During the week of August 11-18th 2017, Saskatchewan-based father/daughter artist duo set up a street level workshop which included a wood lathe, bandsaw, drill press, and using yellow cedar from Saturna Island, BC. they created a roller-massage legacy bench.

Michael Hosaluk is a renowned Canadian artist and recognized as one of the world's most creative wood turners. Laura Hosaluk (Michael's daughter) is an interdisciplinary artist with work ranging from ceramics, to painting to land art.

During the week-long performance/production, the Hosaluks designed and built this handmade public bench, offering a community meeting place for Calgarians to interact with. The Tools for their project were generously donated by the Black Forest Wood Co.


Laura & Michael Hosaluk


Legacy Marker

CONNECT bench by Laura & Michael Hosaluk

Installed by Lane Shordee & daniel j kirk

Special Thanks

Terry, X92.9 & Branden


255 17 Ave SW

Daniel KirkCONNECT