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Between Play

Artwork by daniel j kirk

Between Play is the accumulation of a few different movements.

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Through workshops offered to Western Canada High School students engaging and educating students about sound and performance art two outcomes were produced.

First, a sound art piece that is a collage of field recordings students gathered along the construction ridden 17th Avenue. Secondly, a series of sidewalk square sized cyanotypes that are made from the frequencies pulsations of the former sounds and materials from the avenue. The outcomes intended to cultivate a conversation about contemporary sound and performance art practices here on one of the noisiest most captivating parts of the city.

In June 2018 for Sled Island Visual Arts the audio piece, the sound of change, could be found along it’s natural birthplace on 17th Avenue at Enso Tattoo ( 718 17 Ave SW) and Velour Clothing (200 – 1022 17th Ave SW). It was also featured on Paula Fayerman’s show NOISE on CJSW. The cymatic cyanotypes were hosted at BlankPage Studio (1221 B Kensington Rd. NW) and will be hung in the hallways of Western Canada High School to culminate the project.


Ashely Bedet


Legacy Marker

Western Canada High Mural by daniel j kirk & the students of Western Canada High School Art Classes of 2018

Special thanks

Gwen, Noel, the CBE and the 17th Ave SW Pocket Square: a space created by the community, Kate, Lindsay, & all the students who participated in this work


641 17 Ave SW

Daniel KirkBetween Play